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Announcing details of our 6th Annual Summer Camp Out. You can learn more here.

6th Annual Summer Camp Out - The Mysteries of Bacchanalia

6th Solar Summer Camp Out - June 23rd to 25th

Maidens and Maenads! Sages and Satyrs! Beasts and Bacchae!

We are pleased to announce our 6th Annual Summer Camp Out with Azul Nox Encampment, O.T.O. will be our first fully Bacchanalian-themed weekend.

The bleating of the goat invites you to revel in the pleasures of the Earth. The sound of the bull’s horn beckons you to internal and worldly transformation. The roar of the ferocious jaguar calls you to live in the now, rebelling against the increasing currents of our physical mortality and mental inhibitions. After five years of following the sun on his steady course, we decide to make a new path through untouched and uncharted wilderness and amid nature, of life and growth and savage death, we meet the primitive and lush Dionysus.

This year, ecstatic mystics, the Lord of Drunken Revelry, Rebellious Freedom and Primal Evolution invites you to tear asunder the external mask of your ego-identities and to find the beast hidden deep within the labyrinth of the soul. Instead of our regularly scheduled activities, this year’s Bacchanalia includes several cathartic, sensual, devotional and transformational opportunities for spiritual development and enlightenment. All that is required is your willingness to surrender to the process, without judgment or reservation, but instead to experience the presence of Life itself, in all her beauty and horror.

Dionysus is best known as the god of wine, but he is not the “god of” anything. Dionysus IS the wine. Dionysus IS the hunt. Dionysus IS the dance. Dionysus is the experience and the more we open ourselves up to the experience, the more we experience the transformative force of Dionysus in our lives, unleashing the awesome and terrible force of nature hidden deep in our soul’s endless maze. This process of discovering the primal and bestial source of our selves transforms us from mere magicians to a living embodiment of magic itself. While his methods are quite unorthodox, this Divine experience is exactly what Dionysus offers to those who surrender to his path and practices. Therefore, ravaging rebels, we invite you to Bacchanalia; where you can experience the freedom, the ecstasy, and the enlightenment of the Dionysian spirit.

The Lord Bacchus invites you to a weekend of heavenly delights. May all souls surrendered to his blessings have more than their fill.



Please note that registration at these prices is only available until June 10th.

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